Advancing women in their leadership by KORN FERRY

During this session we will discuss how to create the highest return on your time and effort to achieve the outcomes that are most important to you (Efficacy).

We will discuss and demonstrate how you can make an impact through:

- Increasing your value and contribution at the various stages in your career

- Looking at the non-negotiable requirements of successful leadership: The Three Confidences (technical, influential, and relational)

  This session is drawn from Korn Ferry’s broader Advancing Women in Leadership program.


Senior Leader Fireside chat: “THE NUMBER” by Eghosa Oriaikhi

‘Each person needs to have a plan for their career development that continuously balances experience, training and development needs, results, impact on company and their talent and ultimate potential. It is always great to have a plan that grows your career and hopefully the company is aligned with this plan. 

Then there is the conversation around pay. Women need to know the value of their talent and knowing our number means we can negotiate our way to eliminating the Gender pay gap and ensure we are being paid correctly.

But how do we negotiate? Do we know how to negotiate effectively? Do we know what to ask for?

“The Number” is also about knowing career choices and ambition level for now and also for future choices and the associated benefits and what needs to be balanced/sacrificed in return - Location, Job function, Travel Load, Work life balance, Impact on the family.’ - Eghosa Oriaikhi


Senior Leader Fireside chat: - ‘A JUGGLING ACT: careers, life and boundaries’ by Claire Hawkings

As companies strive to have a more diverse and inclusive work-force the reality is that everyone has their own “life context”. 

To get the best out of people, companies work hard to provide career development opportunities to support employees achieve their potential and introduce flexibility in working arrangements to accommodate personal circumstances……but for individuals / for me, it’s still a juggling act with demands inside work and outside work, pressure from yourself and pressure from others. 

Let’s talk about how we juggle our life demands and how setting a framework with boundaries, and being clear on purpose, can be really empowering...


Unconscious Bias by PWC

Research shows that people working in an inclusive workplace are more likely to feel engaged and evidences the link between engagement and performance. Inclusion is vital, but the greatest barrier is our shared tendency to gravitate towards people like ourselves which can cause minority groups to feel excluded.

This workshop is designed to make individuals aware of the impact of bias on their relationships, acknowledge situations where they could be more open-minded and motivate them to take action.


How to make and tell your winning story by Long Run Works

The world is made up of stories. As a species, we are hardwired to respond to storytelling; it's the primary way we have made sense of the world around us for thousands of generations. Stories are integral to the make-up of both our individual and collective identities.

Without strong stories, ideas are often lost amidst the noise of the attention economy. This era of post truths and alternative facts alongside the clamour of the climate change and disruptive innovation sectors mean ideas about energy have to work harder to be heard.

This workshop will teach you the structure behind the world's most successful stories. It will equip you with the knowledge on how to apply it to yourself as an individual and across organisations of any size, to build a stronger purpose, a clearer vision and a powerful story to help you win more support.