Introduction to Exploration & Production 12th Annual Seminar - 17th Nov 2016 - Presentations and Pho

The ‘Introduction to E&P’ seminar provided an introduction to the full life cycle of oil and gas fields. In addition to covering the basics in exploration, geoscience, drilling, operations, reservoir management and commercial terms, speakers discussed key issues faced by the industry.
Photographs can be viewed and downloaded via Flickr.

Introduction by Adam Borushek, RISC Advisory  

Speakers included:

Miles Cudmore, Cudmore Oil & Gas Consulting Ltd.
Presentation: Global Context

Mick O'Hare, Berkshire Energy Consulting
Presentation: Geology and Geophysics, Part1 and Part2

Klisthenis Dimitriadis, Merlin ERDC
Presentation: Drilling & Petrophysics

Adam Borushek, RISC Advisory
Presentation: Reservoir Engineering and Petroleum Resource Assessment

Nigel Talintyre, Lloyd's Register
Presentation: Facilities & Production Engineering

Geof Boyd, Esanda Engineering
Presentation: Safety and Environment

Lamé Verre, Alaric & Associates
Presentation: Economics & Commercial

Prabhat Garga, Upstream Advisors
Presentation: Managing E&P Projects