Code of Conduct

Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) Inc.

All SPE Board Directors work under the following Code of Conduct to avoid conflicts of interest between their employment and their SPE work.

SPE members expect high standards of integrity of themselves and of other members. If at any time an SPE member believes that he or she may appear to be unable to maintain professional objectivity on any issue, because of a personal situation, employment, or other reasons, the member should withdraw from any position on the subject. SPE members should not hesitate to disclose to and discuss with a chairperson questions about possible conflicts of interest. SPE section officers, committee chairpersons, and Society officers will honor the request to be excused, and no questions will be asked nor explanations requested. An individual may continue to work on all other functions of the activity to the extent he can do so without being in a conflict of interest.

The chairperson of any SPE activity should make all members aware of the SPE Policy. The chairperson, having questions about or desiring to discuss or seek further interpretation of this policy, should contact the SPE President or the SPE Executive Director. This includes a situation wherein a significant dispute may arise over whether a member should be required to excuse himself or herself. An SPE chairperson, upon sensing or being advised of a possible conflict of interest, should not proceed with deliberation on an issue until there has been an opportunity to resolve possible conflicts of interest on the part of participating members in any activity.

This policy covers all SPE programs and activities, including those of SPE sections and student chapters. All references to members apply to members of the Society of Petroleum Engineers, Inc.

Approved June 1987